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Welcome to Frövi Judo
Open European Special Needs Judo Games 2019

On this page you will se what the diffrent options are and what they will cost per person.
We will not offer an all inclusive offer, you can choose if or if not you want transfer

  • Camp including food package 50€ per person for judokas
  • Just Food package 35€ per person,Caret takers, leaders and parents
  • Bus transfer from Arlanda to Lindesberg and back 50€ per person (round trip.)
  • Hostel (fully booked already)
  • Hotel single room, 220€ per person for the weekend
  • Hotel double room, 260€ per room for the weekend
  • Classroom, 100€ per classroom for the weekend, bring your own mattress and sleeping bags, Price is per classroom, we have big and small classrooms.
  • If you need to rent bed/air matress let us know and we can arrange that for 25€ per person for the weekend.

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